Steps to Starting a New Financial Software Implementation

In today’s business landscape, software solutions play a critical role in boosting operational efficiency and supporting long-term growth strategies. For finance leaders, upgrading to new financial software can significantly improve business operations. Whether you’re looking to optimise processes, enhance financial reporting, or support growth, the right software can make all the difference. With over 20 years of experience in Sage systems, Envisage excels in Sage 200 and Sage Intacct, delivering quality projects across sectors like Retail, Services, Distribution, SaaS, Education, Not-for-Profit, Healthcare, and more. 

In this blog, we’ll guide you through developing an effective implementation strategy, covering everything from choosing the right financial software to the key steps for a smooth deployment.

1. Assess Your Business Needs  

Before diving into the implementation process, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess your business needs. Identify the key pain points and areas where new financial management systems can bring improvements. Understanding these needs will guide you in choosing the most suitable software. Consider aspects such as: 

• Current inefficiencies: What processes are taking up unnecessary time? 

• Scalability requirements: How will your needs evolve as your business grows? 

• Integration needs: What existing systems need to be integrated with the new software? 

• Compliance requirements: Are there specific regulations you must adhere to? 

2.  Choose the Right Financial Software

Choosing the right financial software involves considering various factors like cost, scalability, functionality, and user-friendliness. Envisage offers two robust solutions tailored for small to medium-sized businesses – Sage 200 and Sage Intacct: 

• Sage 200: A comprehensive ERP solution designed to meet the diverse needs of growing enterprises. It provides tools for finance, supply chain management, and project accounting. With its modular architecture and customisable features, Sage 200 aligns perfectly with your business objectives. 

• Sage Intacct: A cloud-based financial management solution offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Sage Intacct provides real-time visibility into your finances, advanced reporting capabilities, and seamless integration options, empowering you to adapt to changing market dynamics with ease. 

3. Develop a Detailed Implementation Plan  

A well-structured implementation plan is essential for success. Develop a clear strategy with defined timelines and milestones. Assign roles and responsibilities within your team to ensure everyone is aligned. Your plan should include: 

• Timeline: Set clear milestones and deadlines. 

• Resource allocation: Identify the team members and resources required. 

• Training schedule: Plan comprehensive training sessions for your staff. 

• Risk management: Anticipate potential challenges and devise mitigation strategies. 

4. Data Migration and System Integration  

Moving your data from the old system to the new one is a big deal. Make sure the data migration is well-planned to prevent any loss or issues. Plus, integrating the new software with your existing systems will make everything run smoother and cut down on downtime. For more on this step, check out our blog from our parent company, The Noledge Group, which discusses data cleansing, one of the key steps to include in this process. 

5. Testing and Quality Assurance  

For a successful launch, it’s essential to plan meticulously, conduct early testing using a demo version if possible, and gradually introduce the software to minimise disruptions. Thoroughly test the software in a controlled environment to address any issues or bugs before deployment. Using demo versions is a great way to accomplish this. At Envisage, we offer a Sage Intacct Product Tour and a Sage 200 Demo 

Here are some of the testing and quality assurance steps you can take: 

• User testing phase: Engage end-users to test the system in real-world scenarios. 

• Performance testing: Ensure the software can handle your business’s volume of transactions and data. 

• Security testing: Verify that the system meets all security requirements. 

6. Go-Live and Post-Implementation Review  

Once the software is live, monitor its performance closely. Conduct a post-implementation review to assess the project’s success and identify any areas for improvement. This review will help you refine your processes and ensure that you are leveraging the software’s full potential. Gathering feedback for continuous improvement is crucial. Analysing this feedback is instrumental in making necessary updates and improvements to how your team interfaces with the software and adapts to new workflows. 

Key Considerations for Implementing Sage Software  

Implementing a new financial software solution can be a game-changer for your business. With the right planning and execution, you can streamline operations, enhance financial reporting, and support sustainable growth. As a trusted Sage Business Partner, Envisage is committed to guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring you leverage the full potential of Sage 200 and Sage Intacct.  

Partnering with Envisage means tapping into a wealth of experience and a commitment to your continued growth and success. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements and embark on a journey towards operational excellence. 

Download our latest Sage 200 and Sage Intacct guide

We are proud to present a comprehensive suite of financial management solutions featuring Sage 200 and Sage Intacct. Download our latest brochure “Choosing The Right Sage Software” here to learn how our solutions can drive your business growth. 

About the Author

Picture of Steve Boyes

Steve Boyes

Steve Boyes, the Operations Director at Envisage, brings over 20 years of experience in accounting and IT to the table. With a robust background in specifying, designing, implementing, and supporting strategic solutions for SMEs, public sector, and not-for-profit organisations, Steve excels in addressing clients' real business problems and requirements rather than just focusing on technology. His approach has led to the successful execution of projects with some of Ireland's best-known companies.

Diverse female teacher and elementary schoolchildren raising hands in class. School, learning, childhood, teaching and education, unaltered.

Streamlining Financial Management in Education with Sage Intacct

Fee-paying schools face unique challenges in managing their accounts. Handling responsibilities, from compliance reporting to generating outcome metrics, can consume significant time and resources. 

Traditionally, fee-paying schools manage their accounts with extensive manual spreadsheet work, which is prone to errors. Legacy accounting software may also be frustrating and not fully meet their needs. Sage Intacct for Education offers real-time insights to help schools control budgets and keep departments on track. Informative dashboards enable effective decision-making with just a click. Featuring purchase approvals, workflows and budget/spend management, Sage Intacct for Education enables schools to maintain stricter control over their finances.

So, what exactly is Sage Intacct for Education? It’s a modern, cloud-based financial management system that helps fee-paying schools have better control and visibility of their finances. In this blog, we’ll explore the key features and benefits of Sage Intacct for Education and how it can streamline financial management in your school.

Why Your Institution Might Need Sage Intacct for Education

Managing student payments can get complicated, especially with multiple payers each handling different bills for their children. Sage Intacct for Education simplifies this by managing payments created externally and integrating them into the system.

It offers powerful capabilities that go beyond what’s currently available. Robust reporting is crucial for schools. They must generate specific reports and adhere to prescribed chart of accounts. Sage Intacct meets these requirements efficiently. Additionally, its cloud-based nature ensures more reliable reporting and data management.

Many schools use older on-premise systems. Such schools often create reports for parents and boards of management in Excel, which may require extensive reformatting. Sage Intacct offers superior high availability compared to on-premise solutions, with its cloud infrastructure ensuring continuous uptime and automatic failover capabilities. On-premise systems often lack these robust features, requiring significant investment in redundant hardware and manual intervention for disaster recovery.

The Key Features and Benefits of Sage Intacct for Education

Sage Intacct for Education offers a range of key features and benefits tailored to finance departments. These include the following:

 Sage Intacct works hand-in-hand with multiple fee billing systems to facilitate complex billing scenarios. Managing payments from multiple payees becomes streamlined and efficient, with all the financial data centralised in one system. Live reporting, instant month-end closures, reduced spreadsheet errors, and the flexibility of a cloud-based system are some of the key benefits of Sage Intacct.

 Choosing Sage Intacct doesn’t mean replacing your current fee billing system. Sage Intacct for Education works in conjunction with existing systems.

 Having experienced and knowledgeable implementation and support teams available to handhold you through your finance system project and beyond, is where we excel.

• Sage Intacct’s comprehensive reporting offers customisable reporting capabilities to meet the diverse requirements of stakeholders, including boards, donors, and government agencies.

• Personalise dashboards, views, tabs, fields, and more to ensure that all stakeholders have the information they need at their fingertips. This flexibility helps schools better manage their finances and make informed decisions that support their educational goals.

Sage Intacct streamlines your financial processes by automating tasks, enhancing reporting capabilities, and reducing the time spent on manual work. This allows schools to focus more on educational activities and less on administrative tasks, ensuring a more efficient and effective operation.

With Sage Intacct for Education, you can access your data from anywhere, at any time, using various devices. Your data is securely stored on high-speed remote servers.

Key Takeaways for Sage Intacct for Education

Imagine reducing departmental pressure, gaining better insights into your data, and improving operational efficiency? Sage Intacct for Education isn’t just an accounting system; it’s a comprehensive solution that adapts to your school’s specific needs. By integrating various financial processes and enhancing reporting capabilities, it provides a streamlined approach to managing your educational institution’s finances. This means you can focus more on delivering quality education and less on managing financial complexities.

Below are some of the key takeaways:

• Real-Time Financial Insights: Provides up-to-date financial reporting and dashboards for better decision-making.

• Grant and Fund Management: Streamlines the management of grants and funds with automated compliance tracking and reporting.

• Budgeting and Planning: Facilitates accurate budgeting and spend management planning processes tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions.

• Tuition and Fee Management: Efficiently handles the financial allocations associated with fee billing (via fee billing system), scholarships, and other financial aid.

• Multi-Entity Consolidation: Simplifies financial consolidation for institutions with multiple campuses or departments.

• Comprehensive Reporting: Offers customisable reporting capabilities to meet the diverse requirements of stakeholders, including boards, donors, and government agencies.

• Automated Workflows: Enhances efficiency with automated approval processes and workflow management.

• Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with existing campus management systems and other third-party applications.

• Compliance and Audit Trails: Ensures compliance with educational regulations and provides detailed audit trails for transparency and accountability.


As a Sage Partner, we have expert knowledge of the education sector. With years of experience, we understand the challenges faced by fee-paying schools and our team is fully equipped to offer the right guidance and support. Contact one of our experts to learn how we can help you streamline financial management in education with Sage Intacct.

Why not explore our Sage Intacct Product Tour?

In this product tour, you’ll be given an overview of the solution including the platform, core financials, dashboards & reporting and more.

About the Author

Picture of David Burke

David Burke

David Burke, the Technical Director for Envisage, is responsible for developing bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions, including easyDD for Sage. In 2023, he achieved accreditation as a Sage Intacct Implementation Certified Consultant.

Young woman with a cup of coffee and a humanoid robot working while sitting at a laptop in a modern office. Collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence.

Transforming Accounting and Finance with AI for Sage Intacct

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations are constantly seeking ways to improve operational efficiency and drive growth. One area where technology is making a significant impact is in accounting and finance. Sage has been at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionise how businesses manage their finances.

At Sage Transform 2024, Sage unveiled Sage Copilot, an AI-powered productivity assistant designed to automate workflows, manage cash flow, and generate and send invoices with simple, natural language commands. Sage Copilot acts as a trusted partner, handling administrative tasks, identifying errors, and providing actionable insights in real-time. This innovative tool enables businesses to improve efficiency, reduce manual errors, and drive growth.

In this blog, we explore the transformative impact of AI on accounting and finance, focusing on Sage Intacct’s innovative AI-powered solutions.

Enhancements to Sage Intacct

The latest enhancements to Sage Intacct promise to streamline operations and boost productivity for businesses. AI-powered project and resource management provide greater visibility into resourcing and help keep projects on time. Additionally, forms and operational flows have been improved to help businesses work better and get more done. These enhancements are designed to optimise and automate project management tasks, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies.

Sage Intacct with AWS for Modern Finance

Sage partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) optimise their operations with generative AI. This collaboration will inform Sage Copilot and serve as a foundation for SMBs to navigate local accounting and compliance applications. The agreement not only enables SMBs to leverage Sage Intacct in the AWS Marketplace but also helps them navigate the complexities of modern finance and address environmental responsibilities with cutting-edge solutions.

The Advantages of AI for Finance Teams

For Sage Intacct users, AI offers a range of specific benefits tailored to finance departments. These include the following:

Simplified Automation: Sage Intacct leverages AI for automated financial tasks like invoice processing and expense management, reducing errors and improving efficiency;

Insightful Analytics: AI-powered analytics in Sage Intacct offer actionable insights into financial performance and trends, aiding in informed decision-making;

Proactive Forecasting: Sage Intacct’s AI capabilities enable predictive analytics for forecasting financial outcomes and identifying risks and opportunities;

Tailored Reporting: AI-driven reporting tools in Sage Intacct allow for quick and accurate generation of customisable financial reports, aiding in timely analysis;

Fraud Prevention: Sage Intacct’s AI algorithms detect anomalies in financial data, aiding in the detection and mitigation of fraud risks;

Personalised Recommendations: AI algorithms analyse customer and transaction data in Sage Intacct to offer personalised financial recommendations;

Compliance Support: Sage Intacct automates compliance checks and reporting processes, ensuring adherence to accounting standards and regulations;

Cost Efficiency: Sage Intacct helps identify cost-saving opportunities and optimise resource allocation for improved profitability;

Streamlined Workflows: AI-driven workflows in Sage Intacct automate approval processes, reducing manual effort and accelerating financial transactions;

Scalability and Flexibility: Sage Intacct’s cloud-based platform with AI capabilities enables seamless scaling and adaptation to changing business requirements.

Transform Your Finance Team with Envisage

Sage Intacct’s AI-powered solutions are transforming the accounting and finance landscape, enabling businesses to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and drive growth. With Sage Copilot and the latest enhancements, businesses can streamline operations, boost productivity, and make smarter decisions.

Envisage has a skilled Sage technical team in Ireland, specialising in implementation, support, and development. Contact us if you’re thinking about upgrading your accounting software to streamline operations for your finance teams. Our experts can simplify the process of upgrading your current software and integrating Sage Intacct.

About the Author

Picture of David Burke

David Burke

David Burke, the Technical Director for Envisage, is responsible for developing bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions, including easyDD for Sage. In 2023, he achieved accreditation as a Sage Intacct Implementation Certified Consultant.


How Not-for-Profits Can Overcome Financial Challenges with Sage Intacct

For not-for-profit organisations, managing finances has become more complex than ever before. Tight budgets, donor expectations for transparency and the need to adhere to strict financial regulations have made it essential for not-for-profits to adopt robust accounting solutions.

Below, we have explored the challenges not-for-profits face and the key benefits that the right ERP solution can bring to your organisation. From streamlining financial processes, improving transparency and helping you achieve your mission more effectively.

Unique Financial Challenges for Not-For-Profits

Not-for-profit organisations have different financial objectives from for-profit organisations. They also rely heavily on donations, grants and other funding sources to carry out their missions, making financial stability and accountability crucial. Here are some of the distinct financial challenges faced by not-for-profits:

Transparency Expectations – Donors and supporters, as well as boards and executives, expect transparency in how funds are used. They want to see every pound put to good use and demand clear financial reporting.

Compliance Requirements – Not-for-profit organisations are subject to specific regulatory standards and precise record-keeping is essential. To ensure compliance, they need to be able to account for all funds.

Limited Resources – Lots of not-for-profits operate on tight budgets, resulting in small finance teams with limited accounting software. However, efficient financial management is required to maximise resources and minimise overheads.

How Sage Intacct Addresses These Challenges

Sage Intacct accounting software provides a comprehensive solution that can help not-for-profit organisations overcome the financial challenges they face. With the help of cloud-based financial software, not-for-profits can gain full visibility with real-time data and effectively manage their finances. Here’s how Sage Intacct can be a game-changer for your organisation:

Customised Financial Reports

Sage Intacct provides not-for-profits with the ability to create customised financial reports tailored to their unique needs. This feature allows you to present financial information in a clear and concise way, making it easier to communicate with donors, board members and executives, all of whom have different reporting priorities. With Sage Intacct, you can generate reports that highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to your organisation’s mission and goals, ensuring you’re showing the data that’s needed.

Improved Grant Management

For organisations that rely on grants and funding from various sources, Sage Intacct offers advanced financial management capabilities. You can track expenses, allocate funds to specific projects and ensure compliance with grant requirements. This feature helps not-for-profits demonstrate accountability to donors and grantors, and every pound can be allocated for full transparency, strengthening relationships and trust.

Real-Time Data

Unlike other financial tools, such as spreadsheets, which typically only provide month-end reporting, Sage Intacct provides real-time insights into financial performance. This feature empowers not-for-profits to monitor the financial health of various projects, enabling proactive decision-making and the ability to address any financial challenges promptly. With accurate data from finance teams, you can ensure you’re making the right choices for the organisation at this specific moment in time.

Enhanced Budgeting and Planning

Budgeting is a critical aspect of financial management for not-for-profits. Sage Intacct’s budgeting and planning tools allow you to create detailed budgets, monitor actual expenses against budgeted amounts and make informed decisions based on real-time financial data. This capability helps not-for-profit organisations make the most of their resources and align spending with their overall mission, all without taking up too much of the finance team’s time.


Whether your not-for-profit is just starting out or has been established for years, Sage Intacct accounting software can scale to meet your ongoing needs. As your operations grow, the software can accommodate additional users, transactions and entities, ensuring your financial management system remains robust and flexible. As a true cloud accounting solution, you will always have the functionality you need to remain successful.

Integration with Other Systems

Sage Intacct can seamlessly integrate and connect with other external software systems, optimising efficiency across all departments. This integration streamlines data flow and also reduces manual data entry, minimising the risk of errors and the problems they cause. Not to mention, the automation provided by Sage Intacct accounting software can reduce administrative tasks and enhance overall performance. For organisations with charity shops, we can help deliver the end-to-end solution from the till system through to Sage Intacct.

Investing in Sage Intacct Accounting Software

Managing not-for-profit finances effectively is essential for achieving your organisation’s mission and maintaining the trust of donors and stakeholders. Sage Intacct offers a comprehensive solution that can meet the unique needs of not-for-profits, helping you navigate the complex financial landscape with ease. With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can focus on what matters most, making a positive impact on your community and the world.

If you’re considering investing in new accounting software to streamline your finances our team at Envisage is here to help. We’re proud to say that as a leading Sage Partner, we have the most experienced Sage technical team in Ireland and we can support you with the implementation of new software. Our specialists will work closely with you and do a lot of hands-on research, ensuring we fully understand your needs and create a solution that is perfect for your organisation. By getting it right the first time, we can save you time, money and a lot of hassle.

On April 24th, we hosted a webinar on how not-for-profits can navigate financial complexities with Sage Intacct.

The following topics were discussed:

• Grant & Donation Tracking & Reporting

• Fund Accounting including restricted donations

• Multi-entity Accounting

• Spend Management

• Real-time Reporting and Dashboards

About the Author

Picture of Kyle Moore

Kyle Moore

Kyle works as a Senior Consultant on the implementation team for Envisage. His focus is on the Sage 200 accounting system products and some of the value-added products. Kyle started off at Envisage on the technical support side before he moved over to the implementation team. With 25 years of experience working with Sage 200 in its various guises, he has vast knowledge of the product and our customers, and understands how their businesses work.

Business Growth

Why Upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage Intacct

As a valued member of the Sage family, we prioritise your growth and success above all else. As your business expands and evolves, you may find yourself pushing the boundaries of Sage 50. Our main goal is to ensure that you have the perfect solution to position yourself for success in every stage of your business journey. For many of our customers, the ideal solution has been transitioning to the cloud with Sage Intacct.

Created as a cloud-based solution right from the start, Sage Intacct has enabled countless Sage 50 users around the world to work flexibly and effortlessly. But when should you start thinking about making the switch from Sage 50 to Sage Intacct?

5 Signs your business has outgrown Sage 50

1. The need to access systems remotely 

With Sage 50, you are limited to just two options for accessing your business’s systems: working from the office or setting up a remote-access server. Unfortunately, the former often results in long hours and weekends spent away from your loved ones, while the latter requires investing in infrastructure and additional IT personnel to keep it running smoothly. Not being able to access systems from anywhere, at any time, puts strain on the business’s operations and how efficiently they work.

2. You have unscalable, error-prone manual processes

It’s incredibly easy for inefficient processes that may have worked when you first started out to gradually become the “norm” even though they can’t handle growth and expansion. This often leads to the need for hiring more staff as your business grows. Without automation to streamline operations, you risk losing valuable time to manual tasks. Plus, there’s an increased chance of errors when manually inputting data, which can further hinder progress. These manual processes ultimately effect your business’s ability to thrive, causing you to fall behind and miss out on valuable opportunities.

3. You’re doing too much of your reporting in excel

As your business continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to have a comprehensive reporting system in place. Unfortunately, Sage 50 lacks the ability to create calculated fields, making it impossible to combine financial and non-financial data for easy analysis, such as tracking revenue generated per sales representative. This limitation often leads to delays and, in some cases, missed deadlines when generating reports for executives and the board. Needless to say, this is a situation that no one wants to find themselves in.

4. You are experiencing integration issues

Integrating Sage 50 with other software or third-party applications can be quite challenging, resulting in issues with data consistency and the need for manual data entry. Many industries have specific requirements that can only be met by top-notch vendors. When these systems are unable to communicate effectively, it often leads to the adoption of manual workarounds, which can be both costly and time-consuming.

5. Your multi-entity consolidations take hours to days

Because Sage 50 was designed as an on-premises solution, it may not meet the needs of organizations that have multiple business entities. This can result in the need for manual entry of inter-entity transactions to ensure balanced books. As a result, consolidations can become time-consuming, taking hours or even days to complete as data from all entities must be exported and combined in Excel. These delays can have a significant impact on the speed at which books can be closed.

Reasons to upgrade to Sage Intacct

Improved visibility

Sage Intacct offers useful reporting and analytics capabilities, giving you real-time insights into your financial performance. You can customize dashboards and reports to track important metrics, budgets, and KPIs, making it easier to make informed decisions. With Sage Intacct, understanding how your business is performing becomes effortless, enabling it to thrive and succeed. Plus, you’ll have the ability to generate the reports you need in just seconds, thanks to calculated fields and unlimited dimensions.

Improved accessibility

Sage Intacct, being a cloud-based platform, offers the flexibility and accessibility you need to access critical financial information and perform tasks on the go. This supports a remote work environment and enables real-time collaboration, ensuring that your business can keep up and seize every opportunity without any time being wasted.

Scalability and profitability

Sage Intacct offers the scalability and flexibility that businesses need to adapt to their changing needs. It efficiently manages increased transaction volumes, multi-entity operations, and complex financial structures, supporting your business’s expansion. By automating manual tasks, reducing errors, and optimising financial operations, Sage Intacct can lead to significant cost savings. This ultimately translates into increased productivity and improved financial management, providing a strong return on investment for your business.

The software offers a complete audit trail and meets all auditing requirements. This simplifies the auditing process, ensuring accurate data and compliance during audits. As a result, it saves valuable time and money associated with audits.

Streamlined multi-entity management

With Sage Intacct, your business can effortlessly consolidate hundreds of entities in just minutes, eliminating the need for days of manual work. Additionally, setting up new entities can be done in a matter of minutes without the expense of consultants. This ensures that your valuable resources are not wasted on manual data entry, allowing for seamless updates with Sage Intacct. As a result, delays are reduced, and your business can experience accelerated growth.

Why upgrade to Sage Intacct with Envisage

Ultimately, Sage Intacct offers a comprehensive solution that greatly enhances your business’s financial processes. By automating tasks, ensuring accuracy, and boosting efficiency, this accounting system can truly transform how your finance team operates. With its exceptional advantages specifically designed to address the diverse needs of different industries, investing in Sage Intacct is a wise and strategic decision.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sage Intacct, feel free to reach out to our team at Envisage. We would be more than happy to assist you in determining if it’s the right solution for your business and help with the software implementation. Our commitment is to provide you with an efficient end-to-end service, and we would be delighted to have a no-obligation conversation with you.

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Simplifying Business Operations with Unified Software Solutions

Enhancing Planning and Budgeting Capabilities with Sage Intacct

Simplifying Business Operations with Unified Software Solutions

Accurate planning and budgeting are critical components for the long-term success of any business, regardless of size or industry sector. With advancements in technology, organisations now have the opportunity to move beyond traditional methods of budgeting and embrace more sophisticated tools. Replacing your spreadsheets with Sage Intacct can revolutionise how you budget and plan ahead for the future.

Below we have explored this modern accounting software in more detail, highlighting how it can enhance budgeting capabilities and streamline processes for finance departments.

How Accurate Budgeting Supports Business Success

Budgeting isn’t just an exercise that financial teams undertake at the beginning of the fiscal year, it’s an ongoing activity that’s the backbone of decision-making and financial management. Accurate budgeting allows organisations to allocate resources where they are most needed, which can boost efficiency and drive growth.

Some of the key benefits of precise budgeting include:

Strategic Alignment – Accurate budgeting aligns financial resources with organisational goals, ensuring that every euro spent contributes to achieving the strategic vision.

Risk Management – Predicting revenue and costs allows companies to set aside a contingency fund, helping mitigate risks and uncertainties in the future.

Cash Flow Optimisation – Well-planned budgets help to maintain optimal cash flow levels, ensuring that a business can meet all its obligations.

Performance Tracking – Comprehensive budgets become a baseline for evaluating actual performance against expected outcomes. This allows for real-time adjustments, supporting the changing needs of a business.

Spreadsheets v Sage Intacct

While spreadsheets have been the go-to tool for budgeting and planning for many years, they come with several challenges. From limited data integration and manual data entry errors to scalability issues, spreadsheets aren’t always the best option for day-to-day budgets.

For businesses looking to enhance their budgeting and planning capabilities, Sage Intacct accounting software is an effective alternative to spreadsheets for many financial tasks. This comprehensive solution can meet all of your financial management needs and reduce your reliance on inflexible, traditional tools like spreadsheets.


Automation is one of Sage Intacct’s standout features that provides tangible benefits for budgeting and planning. By automating complex or repetitive tasks, you can remove the need for manual data entry, freeing up time to focus on data analysis and strategic planning. Automation can reduce the risk of human error too, ensuring you get the accurate insights you need to drive your business forward. Enhancing the efficiency of your finance teams and increasing the reliability of your data will enable you to deliver financial insights much easier.

Real-Time Data

In today’s fast-paced business world, real-time data access is crucial for making informed decisions. Sage Intacct offers real-time insights to a wide range of departments, allowing collaboration across the entire organisation. This efficient accounting software enables you to make timely adjustments to your budget and strategy too. You can see the whole financial picture, so you can act quickly to seize opportunities or mitigate problems as they arise. This gives you a competitive edge in a saturated industry.


Scalability is a significant factor to consider whenever you’re selecting a budgeting and planning tool for your business. Sage Intacct financial management software is designed to scale with your business, ensuring you don’t outgrow the software or need to make constant adjustments to fit your needs. With multi-currency reporting and additional functionality available, it’s a long-term solution that will serve you well regardless of what the future holds. Not to mention, Sage Intacct integrates with a variety of other applications too.


Sage Intacct offers robust customisation features that allow you to tailor the software to meet your specific business needs. Whether you’re operating a small start-up, a large enterprise or a growing business, you can configure Sage Intacct to align perfectly with your budgeting and planning requirements. This level of customisation provides a more user-friendly experience, ensuring that the tool serves as an extension of your financial team. With features like rolling forecasts and what-if scenario modelling, you can use what’s most beneficial to you.


One of the most compelling features of Sage Intacct accounting software is that it’s cloud-based, offering unparalleled flexibility and accessibility. Regardless of your location, cloud accounting solutions allow you to access your financial data anytime. This level of convenience enables your team to collaborate more effectively and streamlines the decision-making process. You will be able to adjust your budget and planning strategies as and when needed, without being tied to a specific physical location.

Straightforward Use

One critical factor when choosing a budgeting and planning solution is the ease in which it can be set up and used by finance departments. Sage Intacct offers an intuitive point-and-click setup, allowing your financial team to be up and running in no time. The tours and walkthroughs make the various functionalities easy to use from the get-go too. This means less time spent on training and troubleshooting, so your team can focus on what matters most; strategic financial planning and effective budgeting.

Integrating Sage Intacct

Ultimately, Sage Intacct provides a comprehensive solution that enhances planning and budgeting processes. By providing automation, accuracy and efficiency, this accounting system can revolutionise how your finance team operates on a day-to-day basis. With its unique benefits tailored to meet the challenges of different industries and business types, it’s a great investment. By integrating Sage Intacct into your operations, you can not only gain a competitive advantage but also position your business for sustainable growth.

If you’d like to learn more about Sage Intacct in Ireland, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Envisage. With the most experienced Sage technical team in-house, we can confidently say we ‘know our stuff’. We have assisted a variety of clients with their accounting and finance system needs and have developed creative solutions to their unique challenges.

You can find out more about our approach on our website and if you have any questions at all about Sage software, we will happily answer these for you.

We’re delighted to be exhibiting at this years ERP Head to Head where we’ll be showcasing Sage Intacct and the benefits of this solution.

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Enhancing Business Efficiency with Sage 200 Features

A Sage Guide for Accountants and Consultants

Enhancing Business Efficiency with Sage 200 Features

The digital age has revolutionised the way businesses operate, but it isn’t always easy to know which type of software can be used to improve efficiency and performance. As an accountant or consultant, you may find yourself in a position where you notice your clients would benefit from upgrading their current accounting applications to something more advanced. However, you might not know what modern software to recommend.

Sage accounting software can benefit businesses of all sizes and it’s worth exploring in more detail, regardless of who your client is, the size of their business or what industry they operate in. Our teams at Envisage and Pimbrook are working together once again to provide advisory services to accountants and consultants so they can match their clients with the best Sage solutions, helping them to overcome the challenges they’re currently facing.

Below we have explored Sage software solutions in more detail and touched on the importance of choosing the right Sage partner to guide you towards the best products for your clients.

An Overview of Sage 50, Sage 200 and Sage Intacct

The Sage product range caters to businesses of various sizes, industries and complexities. While Sage 50 is an ideal fit for small businesses, Sage 200 is often better suited to medium-sized businesses. On the other hand, Sage Intacct is the go-to choice for advanced financial management and accounting needs.

There is always a next step within the Sage product portfolio too. So, clients can start small and move up the range as they scale up and expand their operations. Here is an overview of the Sage software offerings:

Sage 50

Sage 50 is the ideal product for smaller businesses, giving a complete view of finances and inventory. It includes financial management tools, such as invoicing, billing and inventory management, and can simplify day-to-day operations for accounts departments. With a user-friendly interface, Sage 50 software is also ideal for businesses with in-house bookkeepers or accountants who need to simplify basic processes such as invoicing and financial management along with more complex business accounting tasks. The financial reporting and forecasting capabilities can be tailored to business-specific needs, and will support cash flow management too.

Sage 200

Sage 200 suits growing, medium-sized businesses and there are two options to choose from; Sage 200 Standard or Sage 200 Professional. This solution can support various business processes and help to manage both customers and suppliers. With detailed reporting and analytics, it has the capability to handle more complex financial structures, and Sage 200 software can be integrated with a host of integrated applications. It’s ideal for driving efficiencies through automation and can simplify day-to-day operations.

For businesses that need a scalable solution, Sage 200 is an excellent choice. It can support more users, transactions, internal departments and warehouses, and can be tailor-made to meet specific needs.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is the latest cloud-based Sage accounting software. It’s a powerful financial management solution that’s suited to medium to large organisations. Sage Intacct provides real-time financial and operational insights, and has impressive functionality. With multi-entity and multi-currency support, it’s ideal for businesses operating both globally and locally. Although it offers best-in-class accounting functionality, it has a simple and modern interface making it straightforward to use and can streamline manual processes.

This solution is perfect for organisations that are looking for a modern and agile solution to help accelerate their growth. Sage Intacct is trusted by financial professionals from a range of industries to drive their successes.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Sage Partner

Choosing the right Sage product for a client’s unique needs is just the first step. To truly harness the power of Sage software, it’s crucial to find the best partner. A Sage Partner can help turn complex scenarios into simple solutions.

Sage Software Knowledge – An experienced Sage partner will have the skills and knowledge to recommend the right software to transform day-to-day operations. They can support you in your conversations with clients and ensure you’re making the best suggestions. They will stay up-to-date with the world of software, so you don’t have to.

Customised Implementation – Every business is unique and a credible partner will ensure that a Sage solution is tailored to your client’s specific needs. They offer efficient and hassle-free implementation services to remove the stress associated with introducing new software. Regardless of how big the project may be, it will be handled by an expert team and support will be provided every step of the way.

Software Training – To maximise the benefits of any Sage software, the accounting team needs to know how to use it effectively. A good partner will provide comprehensive training sessions to your clients and their employees, answering any questions to ensure they’re making the most of the available functionalities.

Ongoing Support – A dependable Sage Partner won’t just assist with the initial setup but they will provide ongoing support, ensuring smooth operations and timely updates. They can make using Sage software solutions an enjoyable experience and will be on hand to help whenever may be required. They can provide advice as a business grows too, ensuring their software remains suitable for their everyday needs.

Searching for a Sage Partner in Ireland?

Ultimately, Sage offers a spectrum of products that are designed to meet diverse business needs. By understanding the basics about each product and partnering with a reputable Sage Partner, accountants and consultants can equip their clients with the tools they need for success. Should you require any guidance in selecting the best Sage solutions for your clients, our team at Envisage and our partner Pimbrook is here to assist you.

Envisage and Pimbrook have worked in collaboration for several years to ensure that clients’ are accurately matched to the right Sage products. Our expert Sage consultants work with like-minded accountants and consultants to achieve the common goal of delivering the best possible solutions for their clients. You can rely on both Envisage and Pimbrook to deliver a high-quality project, and ensure that your clients have a positive experience throughout.

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Sage 200 to Overcome Common Inefficiencies

Reporting with Dashboards & KPI’s VS Spreadsheets

Sage 200 to Overcome Common Inefficiencies

Spreadsheets have been a go-to tool for businesses when it comes to organising and analysing data for decades. Many continue to use spreadsheets for financial reporting as well as for monitoring various operational metrics. However, spreadsheets aren’t necessarily the best option available for data analysis now and there are several modern software solutions available that are specifically designed to streamline the reporting process.

From small start-ups to large multinational corporations, companies of all sizes can benefit from updating their systems and using smart accounting software, like Sage Intacct. Although many are currently reliant on spreadsheets, the dashboards and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) within Sage Intacct can transform the reporting process. As your operations grow and data becomes more complex, there are several limitations to using spreadsheets and now is the perfect time to introduce Sage Intacct into your reporting process.

Below we have explored how dashboards and KPIs can be beneficial when you’re reporting and why they’re a preferred choice to spreadsheets for lots of growing companies.

How Dashboards and KPIs can Benefit Reporting

When compared to using spreadsheets and manually gathering, inputting and analysing data, using dashboards and KPIs can be hugely beneficial. Sage Intacct provides you with accurate data at your fingertips and the reporting capabilities can help you to ensure you’re providing the right people with the best insights at the right time. Some of the key benefits of using detailed dashboards and KPIs include:

Real-time data – Accounting software like Sage Intacct will provide you with real-time data that is automatically updated. You can select KPIs to track on your dashboards and this will make it easy to analyse business performance. Removing the need for manual data entry and updating can save time and ensure you always have the up-to-date data you need to make business decisions.

Visual representation The dashboards in Sage Intacct will provide you with a visual representation of data and you can clearly see the information that matters most. It will be much easier to spot trends, flag exceptions and identify patterns when you have report visualisation. In contrast, when data is spread across different spreadsheets, it can be very difficult to turn it into useful insights.

Interactivity Modern, online accounting software is designed to be interactive and you can tailor the reporting experience to your specific needs. Using dashboards and KPIs, you will have full financial transparency and you can drill down into data to get a much more detailed view of performance. This will enable you to identify the root cause of any issues and make data-driven decisions.

Collaboration – The customisable dashboards can be shared with different departments and stakeholders in real time through email or via the cloud. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and it enables collaboration. You have full control over who sees real-time reports and period-end views, and you won’t have to manually consolidate or share data like you do with spreadsheets.

Ease of use – Sage Intacct is designed to be straightforward to use. Its simple and modern interface will enable the whole team to access the data they need, whenever they need it. There will be no time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheet formulas and functions to worry about, and you won’t require advanced skills or knowledge to make the most of the Sage Intacct functionality.

While spreadsheets still have their place in business, they are no longer the best option available for reporting. Keeping finances in good health starts with using dashboards and KPIs, which will provide you with the real-time visibility you need and will streamline your reporting process. Not only can accounting software save you time and enable you to use your resources more efficiently, but it can improve the accuracy of data reporting and provide you with a competitive edge.

Using Sage Intacct to Improve Reporting Capabilities

Sage Intacct is user-friendly, cloud-based accounting software that supports the needs of businesses in different industries. It’s a highly flexible solution that can be scaled up as your business grows and it provides impressive reporting capabilities. Sage Intacct offers a variety of dashboard features to help businesses track their financial performance, including:

Customisable reports – This accounting software provides a range of standard reports that can be customised to suit your current business needs. Whether you have multiple locations or you operate in multiple currencies, it will be easy for you to create your own reports using the Report Writer tool.

Real-time data – As mentioned above, Sage Intacct provides real-time data that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of your growing business and make informed decisions quickly. Having a flow of up-to-date data across your organisation can be very useful.

Interactive dashboards – This cloud-based solution offers interactive dashboards that provide a visual representation of your financial data. The dashboards allow you to easily track the performance of your business and you can customise them to display the metrics that matter most, ensuring nothing important is overlooked.

Drill-down capabilities – Sage Intacct enables you to drill down into 24/7 data to get a more detailed view of your financials. Being able to identify trends and spot patterns will help you to make informed decisions to drive your success. Having a full audit trail and being able to highlight exceptions is beneficial too.

Connected solution – Not only can Sage Intacct be beneficial for accountants and bookkeepers, but it opens up a world of insights to all key stakeholders. It allows users to collaborate on reports and dashboards, making it easy to share information across teams. Not to mention, it also connects with other industry-specific solutions.

Try Sage Intacct Accounting Software in Ireland

If you’re currently using spreadsheets for reporting, you should look into Sage Intacct in more detail. This financial management solution can help drive your internal efficiencies and it can be useful for both small businesses and multinational corporations. If you have any questions about how Sage Intacct can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Envisage today. We specialise in modern accounting software in Ireland and we will happily discuss the benefits of upgrading to Sage Intacct with you in more detail.

Here at Envisage, we take the time to truly understand our customer’s unique needs and we work in partnership with them to find the best solutions to their problems. We pride ourselves on being open and honest from the outset, and we genuinely care about the outcome of the projects we work on. Building and maintaining relationships with our customers is important to us and we look forward to being of assistance to you.