How Connections Eliminates Paperwork for Retailers

How Connections eliminates paperwork for Retailers

For any business dealing in physical goods, a delivery docket is an essential piece of documentation as it describes not only what is being delivered but how much of each item is in the delivery also.

Typically, in a retail store, each delivery docket has a long journey. One document will travel from the distribution centre or manufacturer into the delivery truck, through to the store where it’s accepted in by the team, then it is passed to the accounts department to post onto the accounting system and finally multiple dockets are taken by courier to more filing cabinets in head office and eventually to an archive storage location.


Eliminating Retail Paperwork with Connections

With such a long journey before even reaching head office, for the finance team this can cause long delays in the production of monthly management accounts. As a result, you will not be up to speed on the current financial position of your business, whether your costs and revenue are on track, which departments may need attention and you may also be clouded from the potential growth opportunities

It’s also worth noting here that the effect that this paper journey has on our environment. All the travelling that these paper documents do from distributor to store to accounts to head office all significantly increases our carbon footprint, especially if a document needs printing or re-printing.


So what can be done to remove paper from the equation?

Document management solution - Envisage

A document management solution is an automated system that removes paper and drives internal efficiencies in an eco-friendly way.. Document management is based on capturing, tracking, storing, and sharing documents inside and outside of your organisation. What’s more it makes business more efficient by gets rid of not just paper but so many other associated mundane manual tasks.

With Connections Scan Connect module, powered by Canon’s Therefore document management system, you can significantly reduce paper movement, which stops at the point of entry in the store location. Going paperless means you can quickly and easily access documents from Therefore cloud storage. Not only will this help speed up the invoice/delivery matching process, but it also reduces the number of queries going back to your suppliers.

Scan Connect integrated with Connections and Sage 200 is a powerful and popular solution that eliminates the movement of paperwork between your stores and your office. This solution has been designed to allow you quickly scan and view delivery documents within Connections without having to leave the application.

Canon Therefore Document Management comes packed with additional features, all designed to help eliminate manual processes. These include:


  • Web forms: create web forms and checklists with advanced logic which is excellent for HR and internal procedures and controls.
  • eSignatures – integrate with leading eSignature providers directly in Therefore
  • Workflows – automate tasks based on document types and fields within e.g., for PO approvals, leave approvals, contract processing etc.

Connections for Sage 50cloud and Sage 200

Connections for Sage 50cloud and Sage 200 is a game-changer for streamlining document management, but it doesn’t stop there. Connections comes into its own when it comes to automation, data accuracy, staying compliant and reporting.

Many retail organisations are using a combination of spreadsheets and outdated processes to run their business. Connections is proven to save significant amounts of time in tasks such as invoice & delivery matching, reporting, bank reconciliations, sales and cash transactions and document management.


About Connections

With over twenty years working in the retail industry

With over twenty years working in the retail industry, we know and understand the challenges that retailers face with managing and growing a business. We also appreciate that not all retail organisations are the same. We focus on what we do best and that’s delivering solutions for the Convenience and Forecourt sectors as well as for retailers and franchises with multiple stores and high transaction volumes.

Our Connections application was born out of the frustration that many retailers experience in having to contend with paperwork, slow and inefficient processes, and lack of real-time reporting. Positioned between the EPoS system and Sage 50cloud or Sage 200, Connections helps retailers overcome common administrative challenges, which means that tasks such as posting Sales and Cash transactions as well as Purchase Invoice/Delivery matching are all automated in a few clicks.

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Essential Delivery Docket Documentation for Businesses Handling Physical Goods

How The Right Accounting Software Can Make Day-To-Day Operations Easier

It isn’t uncommon for convenience store owners to have small back office teams. Even if they have a handful of stores in different locations and large transaction volumes, they might not necessarily have a dedicated in-house accounting team, for example. In fact, many store owners will have multiple responsibilities, including ensuring their accounts are always correct.


Streamline retail processes

If you currently use accounting software in your convenience store, whether this is Sage 200 or Sage 50cloud, implementing a product that sits between your accounting software and your EPOS system is incredibly beneficial. Software, like our Connections Application, can make day-to-day operations so much easier for convenience store owners and can help to streamline processes. Below are some of the many different ways using the right accounting products can impact how you run your convenience stores.


Improve the efficiency of operations

Automated Data Entry with Connections for EPOS to Sage

Manual data entry can be a lengthy and time-consuming process and it is often really tedious too. When you use Connections, information from your EPOS system will automatically be imported into your Sage software. So, you will no longer have to manually enter sales data into your convenience store accounting software and your administration team will have more time to focus on more productive tasks. Not to mention, you will likely find it much easier to keep up with increased demand during busier periods with the help of automated operations too.

The Retail Connect module, for example, will manage your transactions, automate the validation and mapping for accounting purposes, and post transactions directly into your Sage software. In a few simple clicks, you can do hours or days of manual work and your team’s time will be much better spent not having to complete repetitive tasks that could be automated with Connections.


Prevent problems with accuracy

EPOS-Sage integration: Fast, accurate data entry.

There is a high margin for error when you rely on manual data entry. Problems with accuracy are more likely to occur when manually processing high transaction volumes. When your EPOS system is connected to your Sage software, you can have peace of mind knowing that all data entry will be carried out in a speedy and consistent way, whilst maintaining the accuracy you require.

When using Connections, you can also get accurate real-time financial information whenever required. It will be easier than ever before to keep track of your sales and purchase transactions, and you will be able to spot any pricing or quantity errors, for example. Many convenience store owners and Financial Controllers aren’t aware of the current extent of data inaccuracies until they start using Connections.


Keep all important documents in one place

Revolutionize business with Connections for digital efficiency.

Commonly, even when using convenience store accounting software, there will be lots of paper documents to sort through on a daily basis. Implementing Connections into your accounting process will allow you to move away from paper and keep everything you need in one convenient place. It will be much easier to ensure nothing important is overlooked, which is incredibly beneficial when it comes to staying on top of compliance, such as VAT. Connections is a brilliant tool to have and making everything digital can revolutionise your business.

With more businesses than ever before focusing on sustainability, Scan Connect will remove paper from your accounting process and will help reduce your carbon footprint. Of course, when you move away from paper, you will also have a much tidier office environment and keeping clutter at bay can help to improve productivity.


Aid future business growth

Optimize Store Finances and Growth with Connections Software

Regardless of how many convenience stores you own and whether or not you intend to scale up, it is essential to have your accounts in order. Using Connections will help to make opening new convenience stores as hassle-free as possible and you will have accurate financial data available to help you plan your growth. Not to mention, when it comes to setting up a new store, Connections can help to make the process incredibly straightforward and you can have your systems up and running in no time.

It is worth noting that when you have a product that links your EPOS system to your Sage software, you can also grow your business without having to hire new employees. Connections can also reduce the employee overhead costs that typically come with opening a new convenience store and help to keep a tighter control on profitability.


Updating your convenience store accounting software

Sage software, EPOS, and Connections for streamlined

Ultimately, there is no denying that using the right accounting products alongside your Sage software and EPOS system can make day-to-day operations so much easier in your convenience store. Connections really is a brilliant solution for any business in the retail industry and it can have a significant impact on team morale. Not only will it streamline your processes, but it will greatly improve business performance. If you’d like to find out more about our Connections Products, be sure to get in touch with a member of the Envisage team, we will be happy to discuss our unique solutions with you in more detail.

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