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Sewell On The Go is part of The Sewell Group, a group of companies operating across retail, construction, and estate management.

Employing 250 people in 13 locations in Yorkshire, it provides round-the-clock forecourt and retail services, including fuel, fresh food, coffee, car wash and valeting services, parcel collection and many others.

INDUSTRY: Retail & Forecourt

LOCATION: Hull, East Yorkshire

The Challenge

Sewell On The Go has ambitious growth plans to expand their service offering across existing and future sites, while prioritising sustainability and operational efficiency.

To meet their growth objectives in a cost-effective way, Sewell On The Go sought a software solution that could enhance integration and automation in their business, reduce repetitive manual duties, and cut administrative costs.

They therefore decided to partner with Envisage and adopt their Connections software, which seamlessly integrates with the existing Sage 200 software.

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The Solution

Envisage customised and installed its financial and business management software, Connections, to enhance Sewell On The Go’s operational processes, resulting in improved efficiency and enhanced financial data accuracy. Since the adoption of the Sage 200 solution, there have been remarkable improvements in productivity and overall performance.
The solution has streamlined administrative tasks, replacing laborious and time-consuming manual data entry with automated processes. This transformation has significantly enhanced productivity and simplified operations, resulting in a more efficient and effective workflow.

Previously, the business used to handle all invoices manually at the head office, leading to a high likelihood of human error. However, with the implementation of Envisage’s innovative solution, invoices are now automatically generated, resulting in an impressive increase in data accuracy. This has not only saved the company 50% of the time previously spent on manual data entry, but also facilitated sustainable growth without the need to hire additional administrative staff.

Envisage’s solution has provided Sewell On The Go with a level of transparency that allows for a comprehensive overview of their business performance. This has freed up time for the finance team to focus on identifying cost-saving opportunities. The team now benefits from a powerful and efficient system that enables them to concentrate on strategic business initiatives and innovative projects.

Moreover, Envisage’s solution has equipped Sewell On The Go with the ability to handle growth without increasing overhead costs. As a result, the company is hopeful that it can continue to expand seamlessly while maintaining a lean and agile operation. This cutting-edge technology has brought significant benefits to Sewell, paving the way for a bright and prosperous future.

The Outcome

Productivity Increase

Simplifying and automating processes has resulted in increased productivity

+ 50% Time

Employees save up to 50% work hours per month, giving them more time to focus on identifying cost-saving opportunities

Increased Accuracy in Data Entry

Automatically generated invoices have eliminated the possibility of human error, resulting in a remarkable improvement in data accuracy

Empowering Growth

Spending less time on administrative tasks means Sewell On The Go can concentrate on growing the business

Increased Efficiency

Streamlined administrative tasks have replaced time-consuming manual data entry

Improved Visibility & Reporting

Greater transparency allows for a comprehensive overview of the business

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