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 If you are tired of the constant need to update spreadsheets, manage internal resources and other manual tasks such as billing and supply chain management, it might be time to look for a new ERP solution like Sage 200.

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Enhancing Patient Care and Administrative Efficiency in Healthcare
Choosing the Right ERP Solution for Improved Healthcare Efficiency and Patient Care
Enhancing Healthcare with the Right ERP Solution
Why Sage 200

Sage 200 was designed for small and medium-sized businesses so those in the healthcare industry can boost traceability, manage scheduling, automate billing, control stock, ensure compliance and view insights in real-time. Sage 200 also includes a full authorisation module for requisitions and invoice approvals so your team can increase efficiency without the need to expand.  

Benefits to
Your Business

Sage 200 offers several benefits tailored to businesses in the financial services industry.

Manage Finance

streamline revenue management and reduce billing errors through automation.  

Appointment Scheduling

For those in the care industry (care homes etc), Sage 200 gives you the option to analyse and budget by cost centre or department and the purchase requisitions module ensures that you have internal control over the purchasing processes.  


Gain full visibility of your stock in real-time and set up alerts to let you know when stock of medical devices is running low.  


Sage 200 gives you the ability to trace your product from source or to trace the individual components and then trace where the batch is being shipped to along with all the necessary documentation. 


Sage 200 will easily integrate with many 3rd party systems giving you a full end-to-end solution that suits your business requirements.

Why Sage 200 for Healthcare?

The Healthcare and pharma industries tend to be highly specialised and tailored to the unique needs and regulatory requirements of the sector.

Sage 200 is scalable, flexible, offers regulatory compliance and integration opportunities and therefore is the perfect solution for SME’s in the healthcare industry.  


As your healthcare or pharma business grows, you’ll need an ERP solution like Sage 200 that can scale with you, supporting multiple locations and increasing data volumes.


Sage 200 is highly customisable, so you have more choice and flexibility to fit your business requirements as it grows and changes.

Track Record

Sage has a long history in the industry with many businesses using Sage 200 as it is the most suitable choice for organisations in healthcare or pharma.  

User Interface

Sage 200 has a user-friendly interface, ensuring all employees can use it effectively, reducing training time and errors.  


As a scalable solution, Sage 200 is cost-effective allowing you to build and add on as your organisation grows.

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