Sage 50 to Sage 200 Upgrade

Accelerating your growth with Sage 200

Sage 50 is a great software product that has been around for over twenty years. Previously known as Sage Sterling, it’s a tried and tested popular solution for small businesses.

There are lots of reasons why organisations may decide to upgrade to Sage 200. Typically, growth is a key driver for this decision. More users, transactions, warehouses, companies, complexities, internal departments, internal controls and more integration requirements. A good rule of thumb is to count the number of manual processes and spreadsheets in the business. One too many spreadsheets may be a good indicator that it’s time to upgrade.

To sum up, Sage 50cloud typically suits smaller businesses where requirements are simple and there are a small number of users and relatively low transaction volumes. It’s used mainly within the finance department and is not necessarily used across different departments. On the other hand, Sage 200 suits growing businesses and comes into its own for driving efficiencies through automation and integrated processes.

Some Quick Questions to help you figure out whether you have outgrown Sage 50:

Would it be advantageous for different departments to access the same common platform e.g. sales, marketing, finance, warehouse, purchasing, management, procurement etc?
Would you consider your business processes to be largely manual or automated?
Is Stock Traceability (batch/serial numbers) a requirement for your business?
How many different spreadsheets are currently in use across all departments?
Do you need Financial Reports broken down by Cost Centre and Department?
Do you have mobile teams and are they connected to your internal systems remotely?
Do you have multiple companies with different base currencies?
Do you have specific/custom requirements that can’t be addressed within Sage 50cloud?
Are you a distribution business with a requirement to manage stock in more than one location?
How much time is spent compiling reports?
Do you have the information you need, when you need it?
Do you plan to grow but internal systems are holding you back?

If you’re running Sage 50 in conjunction with other disconnected systems, are growing rapidly or are using many manual/spreadsheet-based processes throughout your business, then it might be time for a change.

The good news is that an upgrade to Sage 200 is a really easy next step to take. It comes with all the familiarity of Sage 50cloud yet with enhanced flexibility and functionality servicing the whole company, not just the finance department.

What’s more, we have the tools, the skillsets and the experience to successfully take your Sage 50 across to Sage 200 in a planned and organised way.

There is also an extensive range of integrated solutions for Sage 200 to ensure a fully rounded solution. From Barcoding & Warehouse Management to Forecasting, Approvals, Advanced Credit Control, Document Management just to name a few, we have solutions dedicated to building and growing your business.

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