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Webexpenses is an online expense management solution for Sage Intacct and Sage 200. Automate your employee expense tracking and invoice processing, simplifying the entire process allowing you to better manage your business spend.  

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Tailored to your unique needs and adaptable to growth, the Web expenses solution can be customized to match your precise business demands, streamlining the expenses workflow to enhance efficiency and productivity. This established platform has successfully handled expense claims exceeding 1 billion in more than 70 countries globally. 

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Benefits of Web Expenses-
Power Up Your Business

Company Compliance

Your own company expense policy is built into your web expenses solution, making compliance easier with policies are set from the beginning. 

Easy to Use

Submit, approve, and report on employee expenses through the digital platform in 4 simple steps.

Mileage Tracking

Reimburse your team’s mileage expenses using the Web expenses mileage tracking calculator, powered by Microsoft API. 


Digital Expense management allows up to 3 hours saved per claim and automated controls result in a drastic reduction in errors.

Customisable & Scalable

Solution can be configured to your specific business requirements and will work seamlessly with your internal processes. 

Integrated & Secure

Integrates with both Sage Intacct and Sage 200 for seamless control of employee expenditure. Sensitive data is encrypted allowing your data to be accessible but safe. 

5 Reasons to Choose Web Expenses
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