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Document Management

Document Management is a complete electronic document management solution for Sage 200. It houses a suite of tools to give you complete control of all documents coming in and out of Sage 200 which will help you to streamline processes and improve efficiencies within your business.

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The Document Management solution covers many of your daily tasks from distributing your outbound documents to automating numerous workflow processes. Reduce human error, save time and eliminate storage costs with this all-encompassing document management solution for Sage 200.

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Benefits of Document Management

Save Time

Automate the processes involved in incoming and outgoing business documents.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with your Sage 200 Account software, eliminating the need to learn new software applications.

Process Documents

Process, capture, archive and view all incoming documents to your business.

Reduce Storage

All documentation is automated, reducing the need for paper storage in your office.

Reduce Manual Tasks

Manual administrative tasks can be reduced by automating your document distribution.

Remove Risk

Reduce the risk of missing or lost documents with the automatic document storage.

5 Reasons to choose a Document Management Solution

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