We’ve put 20 years of experience and knowledge into crafting our own unique software application for the retail industry.

Born from the frustration of having to manually gather data from individual retail outlets, Connections is a game-changing solution that connects your EPOS software with Sage 50 and Sage 200.

Connections provides you with accurate real-time financial information, reduces manual processing costs and greatly improves business performance.

What’s more, it also automates the matching of electronic supplier invoices to deliveries and uploads them into your new system. Not only does connections remove the hassle of manually gathering retail end-of-day transaction information from your EPOS system, it can completely revolutionise what you do and how.

Your Benefits Include

Modern, organisation-wide solution

Fully integrates with your current systems

Removes time-consuming manual steps

Improves administrative efficiencies

Provides more detailed and accurate information

Creates more accurate and timely accounts

Details business-wide information

Is safe and secure

Saves time, money and energy

Key Business Solution

Modern, organisation-wide solution that details business-wide information


Fully integrates with your current Sage 200 or Sage 50cloud systems


Removes time-consuming manual steps and helps create more accurate and timely accounts

Time Saving

Saves your team and your business time, money and energy


Is fully safe and secure


Improves administrative efficiencies and provides more detailed and accurate information



Envisage’s Connections software is a smart and powerful solution for the forecourt and convenience store industry. It helps to streamline your business administrative processes, provides you with accurate real-time information and greatly approves your business performance.

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