Sage 200 BOM

Clound BOM

Sage 200 Bill of Materials (BOM) is the perfect solution if you are in the light manufacturing and assembly operations. While smart and sophisticated, it is also extremely simple to follow and gives you full visibility of all assemblies, sub-assemblies and finished items.

This powerful and proven solution allows you to keep a record of all the items required to assemble another item. It will also check whether you have enough items in stock to assemble the item and record when item has been built, so your stock levels are adjusted accordingly.

Sage 200 Bill of Materials is a game-changing solution that simplifies some of the most complicated aspects of the manufacturing and assembly process. As the largest Irish Sage 200 Business Partner, Envisage can integrate it into your way of working quickly and cost-effectively, so you can start revolutionising what you do and how.

Key Benefits

Does Heavy Lifting

Ideal for businesses involved in light assembly who don’t require full manufacturing function.

Easy To Use

Allows you to easily allocate and build BOMs to meet customer orders and keep stock up to date.

Combines Functionality

This powerful solution provides a combined stock assembly and process-costing function.

  • Break down your manufacturing into specific areas including machinery reporting, operations and labour
  • Trial Kitting & Maximum Build Function
  • Operational Templates
  • Implosion & Explosion Views
  • Scrap Allowances
  • Allocate and build BOMs to meet customer orders
  • Keep Stock Up to Date
  • Error Corrections
  • Specific BOM Workspaces
  • Full integration with Stock & Nominal Ledgers
  • Combined stock assembly and process-costing function
  • Can be used alone or part of a Manufacturing group of modules
  • Specify finished items
  • Cost Analysis
  • Identify Shortages in order to raise PO’s for specific items

For more features and benefits of Sage 200 BOM, download this datasheet: